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About OWS

Online Web Services US, Inc., develops Software-as-a-Service solutions for clients and the general public with unmet needs, and strives to bring the simplest applications to complex everyday activities. No matter the objective or industry, they’re driven to improve the human relationship with technology by designing and building meaningful connections between the application and the user. OWS designs and builds innovative software products that connect companies to their users with a focus on user-centered design, and easy to use, cutting-edge solutions.

Software-as-a-Service Solutions

can put your name and opinion in front of your elected officials today.

the tool of choice for any organization that provides benefits to victims of crime, disasters or economic hardship.

using context sensitive QR codes you can now instantly track what your prospects are viewing and which ads are working and which are not.

instantly send faxes without creating an account or long term commitment.

Management Team


Randy Feuilly

Chief Technology Officer

Joseph Lehr

Vice-president Marketing

Jeremy Cox


Miladene Feuilly